Podcast- Robyn Dykstra: Accidental Expert on God’s faithfulness

When you host a podcast for Misfits, you get used to having people from all walks of life hanging around.

We’ve had Chewbacca mask wearing momsinspirational oddballs… super genius astrophysicists… creative wavemakers, honest politicians (now there’s a Misfit ferya) even a high and mighty Bee from Babylon… but as impressive as all that is, today we’re proud to add a new demographic to the lineup: Former Playboy Bunny.

Of course, Robyn Dykstra is so much more than that. But it does come up, cause it’s part of her incredible story, of how she became, as she puts it, an “accidental expert on the faithfulness of God and finding joy during difficult times. It’s all in her book, of course, “The Widow Wore Pink”, which we also spent some time talking about.

And as Misfits go, she fits right in. She even played my Stupid Game: Bunny Edition. Cause that’s just how she is.

Now I know you’ll really want to listen!

She’s not kidding about the Pink!
Check her out here: robyndykstra.com

One thought on “Podcast- Robyn Dykstra: Accidental Expert on God’s faithfulness

  1. I’m listening to this twice. It’s so rich with grace. God never wastes anything. Robyn’s story is just what I need to hear today. Thank you Nancy.


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