PODCAST- Nels Ross: Inspirational Oddball

Who couldn’t use a little bit of Oddball Inspiration in their life right about now? Seriously. It’s not a rhetorical question, folks. I really want to know. Cause if there’s a naysayer out there, I will find that person. And I will tell them how wrong they are.

Let’s face it. Everyone is a bit of an oddball. You. Me. And the guy and/or gal over there who identifies as a lamp post. All of us. There’s no shame in admitting it; you’re here, after all, so there’s no point in arguing with me.

And no one knows this as well as today’s special guest on the Isle… Nels Ross. It’s hard to categorize this guy. Juggler. EnterTRAINER. Circus Performer. He even defies gravity. But Inspirational Oddball seems to best sum him up… and we have a delightful conversation about living, loving and learning to L.A.U.G.H. (yes, it’s an acrostic… and yes, you’ll just have to listen to unlock it, that’s how it’s gonna be).

But the big question: Can you listen to him juggle? Click here to find out!

Of course, if you’re one of those who, for whatever your own oddball reasons are, prefers to actually SEE a little jugglin… okaaaaayyyy… here you go:

I happened to stumble upon this on youtube… so how could I NOT share it?

Oh, and how could I forget…

In addition to his oddball ways… he’s also a Cat Whisperer.

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