PODCAST- David DiPietro: Christian, Statesman,Misfit

Misfits, as you well know by now, come from all walks of life.

They’re not all starving artists, you know. Some of them have actual jobs where they, like, put on suits and stuff. I know. Weird. But that’s my point. Even among the “establishment”, Misfits are alive and well, and doing their thing, as only misfits can do.

Take today’s guest. He’s a part of the New York State Assembly. And he’s a Christian. BOOM.

Yep, David DiPietro, from the 147th District (in Western New York State) joins us to share the story of how he came to faith, how his life has changed, and putting convictions before politics.

Don’t believe it? Listen for yourself!

Watch the Misfit in action on the floor of the NYS Assembly!

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