PODCAST- Making Waves… of Creativity… with Allen Arnold

That Allen Arnold…

He’s got some stories to tell… and let me tell you… he’s what we call one of them there LIFE speakers: That is, every time he opens his mouth, there’s a whole lotta life, a whole lotta profound truth and hard core encouragement going on… That’s MY story, anyway, and I’m sticking to it.

He’s become a familiar voice on the Isle (an amazing thing in and of itself, if we’re all being perfectly honest here)… and what’s really amazing is that every time he comes back, the conversation just gets better and deeper and richer and, and… insert your superlative adjective here.

And yes, of course, we talk about his new book, “Waves of Creativity”, which is rich and deep and full of life and truth and all of the above… but as conversations are wont to do, we meander into some truly profound bonus territory that, well… I’m just saying… you seriously have to listen to this podcast. But only if you want to be GREATLY encouraged. And only if you want to step into glorious mystery.

Otherwise, you are free to move along with your predictable day as regularly scheduled. No judgment here. We’ll still love you, you crazy Misfit you.

Ride the Waves with Allen Arnold here!

So… what’ll it be for you today, my Misfit Friend… Story 1 or Story 2???

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