Misfit Moment, Vol 1: Your Voice

As per the title of today’s blog… I’d like to take a moment out of your day,to encourage you all in my Misfittish way. Not that I’m meaning to rhyme; after all, who has the time… but there’s something you might need to hearsomething I want to make clear And that something is this: Your […]

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I Hereby Resolve…

Happy New Year! Because it seems to be the thing to do, and because one of my resolutions is to write more lists, I give you, in no particular order… my 2023 Top Ten Resolutions: 1. Get someone to explain the tiny font trend on Instagram Stories. I really don’t get it. 2. Choose to […]

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Merry, Disruptive Christmas!

It’s blizzarding out. Right now as I write. Like a real life Little House on the Prairie-esque bonafide BLIZ-Zard! At any moment I’m expecting Pa and Mr. Edwards to fall through the front door, half frozen, to save the day, and then we shall all dance around while Pa plays the fiddle (once his fingers […]

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