PODCAST! Candace Payne: Happy Chewbacca and So Much More


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There are certain defining moments in our pop culture lives;  you know, the ones that capture the attention of a whole nation, and keep our collective eyes riveted to the screen.

Like, remember when the Wizard of Oz only came on once a year? Those were good times, my friend.

How about Princess Diana’s Royal Wedding (or, Kate Middleton if you were not alive or aware of the first one).  That HUGE dress?  Come on now.

Yep, pretty epic.

But the most EPIC of all EPICNESS has to be the moment when a girl  put on a Chewbacca mask, laughed like a maniac and got about 200 MILLION of us cackling right along with her, thanks to the wonderment of the internets.

And this moment of greatness, my friends, is even more epic for me, because on today’s Podcast, I got to have a chat with the woman behind the mask, Ms. Happy Chewbacca herself, Candace Payne.  And what a fun chat it was… and… not just fun, but you may be surprised to find out just how insightful this laughing girl really is.

I can’t wait for you to listen!

Oh, and in case you have recently come out of a cryogenically frozen state, and are not familiar with the viral video of which I speak… here’tis.  Watch before you listen.  It’ll make it so much better :^)


You can pre-rder Candace’s book (which I highly recommend, btw)  before November 7th. and get some cool extras here:


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