PODCAST- Talking Fairy Tales,with Valerie Fentress

Hooray! We’re Four years old this month!

That’s right, Four whole years of Misfit Fun… You might say we’ve graduated from the Toddler Years, and are now entering Pre-K.
And like any good four year old Birthday PAR-TAY, it only seems right to go full FairyTale mode.
Enchanted Pony Rides, Castle Bounce House… and of course, a whole show dedicated to… what else?

And not just the same old, same old story… But a new twist, on an old classic, with today’s guest, Valerie Fentress. She joins me to find out her true Fairy Tale persona, via today’s rousing Stupid Game, and let’s see, what else? Oh yeah, we also talk about her brand new release, “Beneath the Hood“, and all the deep and profound truths contained in children’s literature.

Seriously. Don’t ever think you’re too old for fairy tales. You need them. Maybe now more than ever.

C. S. Lewis Quote: “Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy  tales again.”

I think I’ve made my case here. The only thing left to do is listen…

What is Valerie’s True Fairy Tale Persona? There’s only one way to find out! (See above Soundcloud link 🎙)

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