PODCAST- Patterns & Running & Music (oh my!) with Leo Harmonay

I’ve always wanted to do a musical podcast. .

Imagine it. Isle of Misfits: THE ROCK OPERA! I mean, wouldn’t that be FANTASTIC?

YARN | Yeah, like that rock opera. | Fundraiser | Video gifs by quotes |  9b2836ba | 紗

But alas, this is not THAT day.

Never fear, however, because today’s podcast, featuring folksinger/songwriter (and my very own cousin) Leo Harmonay, while not A musical in and of itself, per se, is in fact, a musical odyssey of the very best kind.

For starters, we play what may be my all time very favorite Stupid Game to date: Beatles Lyrics Edition, featuring another musical genius in the fam, who gives Leo a run for his musical money. Just who is this other familial musical genius? Nice try. But I’m hip to your jive. Listen and learn.

But I’ll say this much… aside from both of ’em impressing you with their command of obscure Fab Four verse (is there really such a thing as an obscure Beatles song, though… if you’re a real fan, that is???), Leo’s also got some pretty impressive musical chops of his own… you even get to hear a snippet or two, cause he promised me he wouldn’t sue me if I played them (thanks, cuz!). And to top it all off, as is often the case here on the Isle, the conversation has bits of actual substance, and if you listen real close, there’s a quirky take home gem or two you might just mine from the Misfit Depths.

So I think I’ve made my case here. It’s a must listen. That’s all there is to it. Case closed.

Oh, and in case you want to check out some of his music…
here are the two of his songs featured on the podcast:

Running Around
And since you obviously want to know/hear more, here’s Leo’s website: larmonic.com
Own Your Awkward 🤓

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