PODCAST- Kathleen L. Maher & No Man’s Daughter

That Kathleen L. Maher, she’s at it again. Brilliant. Witty. Multi-talented. Humble. Your basic younger sister nightmare. But she just keeps writing all these great books, so we just have to keep putting our Sibling Rivalry aside, and keep having her back for all these great conversations. And you’re going to love them both- the book AND the conversation. (You can listen to all of those podcasts, btw, here and here and here… And you can find her book here!)

The book, No Man’s Daughter, is the 3rd in her Sons of the Shenandoah series. And like all her other books, it’s beautifully written, meticulously researched, and well, I’m just gonna say it, powerful.

The conversation, well, it’s just plain fun. Not just because of the snappy sisterly repartee thing, and not just because The Stupid Game takes on the best decade of all the decades when it comes to pop culture (the 70’s, of course), and not just because we touch on everything from the call of truth and beauty in nature, to the nature of true strength… but maybe it’s an “All of the Above” scenario. Yeah, that’s what it is.

Anyway, I enjoyed it, and I think you will, too. But there’s only one way to find out… (this is where you click the link below) 😁

Admit it. You’re intrigued. I don’t blame you. Now go buy her book (and no, I don’t get a kickback… but I may make her bake me a cake or something)
She’s even a real blond. What the… (no, I’m not jealous at all).
Oh yeah, and in case you forgot, you can buy her book here!

Now, all Jan Brady complexes (on my part) aside, here’s some great news!

If you would like a SIGNED AUTHOR’S COPY of

NO MAN’S DAUGHTER, just follow Kathleen L. Maher

at one or all of her digital hangouts, and you’ll be


About the author – klmaher.simplesite.com

Kathleen L. Maher (@kathleen_l_maher) • Instagram photos and videos

Kathleen L. Maher Author (kathleenlmaher) – Profile | Pinterest

Kathleen L. Maher Author – Home (facebook.com)

(The more sites you follow, the more entries, or so I hear…)

Of course, if you subscribe to this here website, I’ll enter you as well, won’t that be swell?

We’ll announce the winner here, oh let’s say mid July… So off with you now, and be lively!

Oh, and if you live outside of the continental US, as much as we love you, you’ll have to settle for the Kindle version (but maybe we can talk her into mailing you a name plate/sticker thingie or something) 😉

4 thoughts on “PODCAST- Kathleen L. Maher & No Man’s Daughter

  1. Brenda, you are best. Thank you for coming. You are my winner! I’ll message you this afternoon for your snail mail addy.

    Thank you once again for having me on the Isle, Nancy. Happy birthday to you!!!


  2. Hi, Brenda. Thank you for coming by. You are my winner! I’ll message you for your snail mail address. Blessings

    And Nancy, thank you so much once again for having me on the Island. A happy birthday 🎂🎈🎊 to you!!!


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