Podcast- FEAR NOT! With Donna VanLiere


For an Isle full of Misfits, we sure get some pret-ty impressive guests around here…
Not that I like to brag.

But ok, you forced it out of me. Brag I must.

Today’s guest, Donna VanLiere, is a NYT (as in New York Times, in case I need to spell it out, which I guess I just did) BEST SELLING AUTHOR. I know. Pret-ty impressive. And she’s talking to me! I know. I can’t figure it out either. But it happened, so we’ll go with it.

We had a great conversation about fear, and safety, and peace, and unity, and the craziness of the world, and the fact that even if/when it gets crazier there’s still reason to look up… and oh, all kinds of things… and of course, her new book, The Day of Ezekiel’s Hope… Hope. Yeah, that’s a good thing to talk about.

We also test her Culinary Skills in our Stupid Game, cause she claims to be something of a cook.
I should’ve made her send me samples. Next time, Donna; I’m throwing out the gauntlet.

In the mean time, you should listen. You’ll learn things… about history… and current events… and maybe future events… and what Donna puts in her gravy (the secret’s out!).

Listen here. 👂

Did you know she also wrote The Christmas Shoes? It’s true! Don’t believe me? Check it out here… and while you’re there, get yourself a copy of The Day of Ezekiel’s Hope!

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