Free For One, Free For All

Freedom. It’s a good thing. A beautiful thing, even.

We were meant for it. Born for it, even.




Sing it Andy.

A human right, I think is what they call it. And rightly so.

And like all rights, sometimes, we need reminders of our need to preserve them.

And when the victories come, we should celebrate them.

So I think today is a good day.

It’s a day that reminds us that freedom is for everyone.

It also reminds us that knowing we’re free is pretty important, too. It’s one thing to be set free. It’s another to hear it for yourself… and yet another to really believe it, and walk in it yourself.

And of course it’s a reminder that there’s still work to be done. Not everyone, for a variety of really screwed up reasons, wants everyone else to be free. And that’s not just being metaphorical. Literal slavery isn’t over. Not by a longshot. And that’s just not acceptable.

So the only logical thing for free people to do is to stand for those who don’t yet enjoy those freedoms. Because that’s what free people do.

By all means, celebrate Juneteenth. Celebrate Independence Day. We need to celebrate the victories. And build on them. Because that’s what free people do.

Free people, helping to free people. Seems like a good idea…. Seems familiar even… Where have I heard this before???

It is for freedom Christ has set us free.

Galatians 5:1

Here’s an interesting take on Juneteenth from a Christian perspective, by John Stonestreet, on his daily Breakpoint broadcast: Juneteenth—Something We Can All Commemorate – BreakPoint

And here’s a organization in Western NY doing great work to stand up for those who aren’t enjoying freedom, even as we speak: Stop Human Trafficking in Western New York (

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