Misfit Moment, Vol 1: Your Voice

As per the title of today’s blog…

I’d like to take a moment out of your day,
to encourage you all in my Misfittish way.

Not that I’m meaning to rhyme;
after all, who has the time…
but there’s something you might need to hear
something I want to make clear

And that something is this: Your voice, it DOES matter
Even amidst all the noise and the clatter
of everyone talking and nobody hearing
of everyone driving and nobody stearing

It’s easy to lose your way in that crowd
to get shouted down by the bold and the loud
It might make you want to shrink back and to hide
But don’t do it, my friend, don’t give in to that pride

Cause there’s someone out there whose ears are tuned in
and they’re waiting, just waiting for you to begin
to step out and speak up and to be who you are
and to let His voice carry through you, near and far

What you’ve got to say is what they need to hear
So don’t get held back by whatever you fear

Your voice, it DOES matter
I’m not trying to flatter
I’m speaking what’s true
I’m speaking to you

The voice that God gave you
The way that He made you
It’s all for His glory
It’s part of His story
And you get to tell it like no one else can
I’m not making this up, it’s part of His plan

You voice is a gift
It’s His present to you
No one else has it
It’s unique, through and through
But it’s meant to be shared
NOT compared
Don’t you dare
That’s a game you can’t win
It’s a sport that’s not fair

So more excuses
No more abuses
Freely you got it
Now freely go use it!

Here’s an Insta teaser of me poetry slamming it 👍

…and here’s the full link!

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