Podcast- Amanda Barratt just keeps coming at us with great books!

So… how courageous are you feeling these days?

There’s a loaded question, I know.

So let me rephrase, and try this out instead: How kind are you?

Wait, what? Kindness? “What on earth does kindness have to do with courage?”, you ask?

Oh, everything.

That’s the gist of today’s conversation with Amanda Barratt. She’s back on the Isle to talk to us about the little known but true story she brings to life in her latest well researched and beautifully written novel “Within These Walls of Sorrow”, set in Hitler’s Krakow Ghetto in World War II.

Of course, we talk about a lot more, as well. Good stuff. Really good stuff. Encouraging, even.
Hey, maybe that’s the whole connection between kindness and courage:


I’m going to ponder this. And while I do, you can listen. And let me know what you think!

She just keeps cranking out these great books! Check out Amanda’s website (where you can also get her book) here! https://amandabarratt.net/
Own Your Awkward 🤓

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