PODCAST- Say Goodbye to Emotional Eating, and Say Hello to Barb Raveling

Maybe you’re not an emotional eater. Goodonya! Scroll on, you nutritional high achiever, you

But… before you do…

I betcha dollars to donuts you still have some sort of habit you’d like to either drop or pick up?

That’s where Barb Raveling comes in. She’s our guest today, and she’s a bit of a life coach
Actually, she’s a lot of a life coach. She can’t help it. She’s just plain wired to encourage. And that’s exactly what she does… via podcasting, youtubing, one-on-one’ing, and of course, writing books like the one we are here talking about today, Say Goodbye to Emotional Eating.

So like I said, even if you’ve got this whole eating perfectly thing down… and therefore probably wouldn’t want the donuts anyway, I’m still willing to wager your collateral of choice that there’s something for you in this conversation.

Something encouraging. Dare I say, inspirational? I just did. And I’m fine with it. That’s how strongly I feel.

Listen for yourself! And if you don’t agree, well then I guess I owe you a dollar. Or a donut. You decide.

I go on and on about her website on the podcast, and for good reason. Check it out! barbraveling.com
Own Your Awkward 🤓

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