Podcast- Allen Arnold: Story 1, Story 2, & The Eden Option

Did you even know Eden WAS an option?

And what is all this Story 1, Story 2 business?

These are deep question. I know.

And we have some deep answers for you.

Cause that’s what we do. Answer the deep questions. And play Stupid Games. It’s all about balance.

And today’s guest, Allen Arnold does a great balancing act. He’s back and better than ever, hanging out with us Misfits and talking about his new book “The Eden Option”, which may or may not have everything to do with Story 1 & Story 2. Wouldn’t you like to know?

Guess you’ll just have to listen to find out!

Get his book here and sign up for his cool daily readings here!
And… something random from my house to the first commenter who correctly guesses how many times Allen has appeared on the Isle (hint: more than one, less than 200)
Will this do for now, Allen?
This will make more sense after you’ve listened to the podcast… but even on its own, it is SUPERB.
Own your awkward πŸ€“ on the way to becoming who God wired you to be!

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