Podcast- Henry O Arnold, The Singer of Israel, and the comedy/Drama that is life

Well, I think the title of these here show notes says it all.

Henry O Arnold (not to be confused with O Henry, but every bit as destined for the classics) joins us for a conversation about pretty much everything. Comedy. Drama. And everything in between. Ah, such is the life of an actor/author.

And of course, we delve into some great discussion around themes in his latest book, The Singer of Israel, all about the life of King David… you know, from the Bible. THAT King David. And as if all that wasn’t enough, I also quizzed him on his own life (ie STUPID GAME) and pressed him on how to earn the right to call him Chip. You won’t want to miss any of that.

As always on the Isle, it’s a great conversation. We laughed, we lived, we learned.
And isn’t that what a great conversation should be all about?

G’head. Listen, laugh, and learn for yourself.

And most of all… live!
Fact check Henry O Arnold’s answers to the Stupid Game here, and while you’re at it,
get his book!
Own Your Awkward

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