PODCAST- Seth Lewis, and Dreaming Small

It’s a New Year, and you know what that means. BIG dreams. BIG schemes. All that BIG jazz.

So of course, we’re here to turn all that on its BIG ear. Cause that’s what we do here on the Isle.

To give credit where credit is due, though, it’s actually Seth Lewis who’s doing all the ear turning.

He joins us for a wonderfully refreshing conversation about finding our place in the BIG picture of this BIG, BIG world… by daring to think a little more local. Get a little more focused. Dream a smaller dream.

… stars shining bright abooooove you…

You heard me. It’s so anti-thetical to the hype. I know. (and has nothing to do with Mama Cass, actually, except for the song that I can’t get out of my head)

But trust me, it’ll all make sense.
Just listen.

He’s from Ireland… by way of Alabama & Virginia… and he’s got a cool Irish-American brogue!
own your awkward 🤓

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