PODCAST-Hanging out with The Caffeinated Christians

What happens when a Misfit meets a bunch of Caffeinated Christians?
It’s kind of like that rumble scene in Anchorman.

Ok, it’s nothing like it. But it is a funny scene, you have to admit.

And even though no formal rumbling ensues, things do get a lit-tle crazy with our first ever Podcast meets Podcast episode featuring the guys from The Caffeinated Christian Podcast.

And just who are these Caffeinated Christians? Here’s their bio, freshly copy/pasted from the Interwebs:

The Caffeinated Christian is about providing thoughtful and charitable conversations around pressing cultural issues and personal stories, all explored through the lens of a Christian worldview… The guys at The Caffeinated Christian regularly bring in guests that encourage listeners to think hard which will challenge or perhaps maybe even change their worldview.

And a thoughtful and charitable conversation indeed it was.

Fun Facts are learned… like, who’s getting married… who has a new baby and a really old dog that may or may not see into unknown realms… who has no last name… things like that.
Stupid Games are played… revealing their Collective Coffee Personality.
Deep topics are explored… that’s right, it’s not just all fun and games. These guys are thinkers, as per their bio, and their whole Caffeinated Mission is to get you to think about why you believe what you believe.

So you know what I think? I think you should listen. (See what I did there?)

The Caffeinated Christian Podcast By The Caffeinated Christian cover art
Check out them Caffeinated Christians here… and/or here… and/or here… take your pick!
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