PODCAST- How to have a successful, scary conversation… with Pastor Stephon Henderson

Conversation??? What is that?

You mean that thing where you have to engage with people??? Like, people who might think differently than you do? Maybe even disagree with… vehemently?

Gosh, that sounds kinda scary. And there’s enough scary stuff going on these days. Feelings might get hurt. Accusations might fly. People might get cancelled. That’s a lot of pressure. Yeah, I think I’ll pass, thanks.

That’s the safe thing to do, after all; avoid all controvery at all costs. Keep your head down, do not engage the enemy (And just who is the enemy? Why anyone who disagrees with you, of course). Then maybe, just maybe you’ll make it through life unscathed. Sure, you’ll be living a hollow existence, rife with ignorance, and devoid of any meaningful relationships or personal growth… but all that stuff is so overrated, anyway. Better to play it safe.

You know this is terrible advice, right? But you also know it’s awfully tempting to live this way, especially these here pitfall-filled days we’re living in.

I mean, here we thought that all we needed to do was find people who look different than we do to hang out with, and that would solve all our problems. Diversity! But dagnabit, who’d’a thunk the real problem isn’t people who LOOK different but who THINK different. I know. Crazy, right?

Well, as Providence would have it, Pastor Stephon Henderson, who looks and thinks juuuust a little differently than me… is back on the Isle to help us navigate through some of this. He’s wise. Really wise. If you heard him the last time he was here (click here for that episode!), you know just what I mean. And if you didn’t hear it… well, what are you waiting for?

Pastor Stephon R. Henderson was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, the youngest of three boys. Pastor Henderson was licensed to preach in 1997 and ordained an Elder in 1998 under Bishop Dwight E. Brown, presiding prelate of the Dunamis Covenant fellowship of Churches. In 1996 Pastor Henderson founded Newness of Life; a Bible study geared to minister to those caught in the grips of addiction, and provide a spiritual component to anyone in active recovery. Pastor Henderson has served on various ordination boards, and leadership training institutes throughout Western NY. In June 2005, Pastor Henderson created Eternal Moments, a daily internet devotion that serves almost 150 subscribers on four continents. Pastor Henderson is a student at Immanuel Bible Theological Seminary, pursuing a Doctor of Theology degree. In 2012 Pastor Henderson married Denise Brown Henderson, a self-employed Christian Entertainment Executive.
Pastor Henderson is currently serving as the Founder and Pastor of Living Word fellowship.
He is currently in the process of opening up a counseling practice through Paracletos Institute, which exists to help people think right and to heal mind, body, and spirit. 

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