PODCAST- Hope in the Madness, Part 4: Weakness

Underdog got run over by a subway by toon1990 on DeviantArt

Don’t you just love a good old fashioned underdog story?

Until that underdog, of course, is you. That’s a DIFFERENT story altogether.

Let’s face it. It’s much more fun to watch one of them there inspirational tales of the bedraggled and feckless protagonist, struggling against all odds to find their place in this all too often cruel world, than it is to actually be the star in your own power(less) play.

Nope, that’s no fun at all.

Yeah, this facing your weakness business, it’s not for the faint of heart… and that’s exactly what we’re talking about in this week’s episode. The funny thing is, it’s probably my favorite conversation of all the Madness conversations I’ve been privileged to have with our guest, Bob Redd, who (can you believe it?) has stuck around for FOUR WHOLE EPISODES.

I hope it’s not the last conversation we have. In fact, I’m just gonna put it out there… What do you think we should talk about for our next series? Give it some thought while you listen to PART FOUR… and let me know!

Like all that wisdom you’ve been hearing from Bob? There’s more where that came from! You can find him on LInkedin

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