PODCAST- Hope in the Madness, Part 3: Sadness :^(

Don’t worry. Be Happy.

Slap slap | Harry styles songs, Face, Songs

You’ll get none of that trite nonsense in today’s episode (no offense, Bobby McFarrin).

We all get sad sometimes. There’s no getting around it.

But what do we do with it?

How do we navigate through it, without getting swallowed up in it?

Bob Redd’s back for episode 3 in our Hope in the Madness series, with a helpful conversation on what to do, and how to get through the sadness of life.

If you haven’t caught EPISODE 1 (on Craziness), or EPISODE 2 (on Angriness), you can do that here, or here...

And of course, since you’re HERE… well, here you go!

Bob Redd: look him up on LinkedIn!

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