PODCAST- Amanda Cleary Eastep & #Kidlit: It’s not just for #kids, you know…

So you think you’re too grown up for #kidlit, do you now?

Well, think again, my friend, cause once you hear this thoroughly delightful Misfit conversation with Amanda Cleary Eastep, Senior Developmental Editor at Moody Publishing, and a fine author in her own right… you’ll abandon all such foolish notions.

And then, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll immediately run out and get her two new releases: “Jack vs. the Tornado” and “The Hunt for Fang”.

But first, you should listen. Cause it’s just such a fun time. The Stupid Game is on point (90’s Sitcom Edition, as if you needed another reason to tune in). And just in case you think it’s all hullabaloo and hijinx, well you’d be wrong again. We dive into some serious literary analysis, too. (do you even KNOW what revelation subtext is? Well DO you???) And that’s not even mentioning all the deep, eternal truths woven into the fabric of our discussion. That’s right; you get it all here.

So, like I said, give a listen. Share with all your friends. This is too good to keep to yourself!

BONUS: Look, it’s a book trailer!

And here’s Amanda! I’m a little nervous to have a real, live MOODY PRESS EDITOR reading these blogposts… but she seems like the type to politely turn her head at any glaringly egregious grammar gaffs

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