PODCAST: Hope In the Madness, Part I

Once upon a time… way back in March, I wrote about Madness, cause it just seemed the thing to do. (You can read that post here, then come back. Don’t worry, we’ll wait…). In fact, you might say I got kind of hooked on Madness, as it seems the whole world is similarly hooked these days, so I thought to myself, “self, why not go with it?” And thus a podcast series was born.

To do justice to such an ambitious undertaking, I invited a good friend, chemist, business consultant, entrepreneur and all around smart guy to tackle our first ever 4 part series, addressing said subject, because when you’re talking about madness, it’s always better to talk to someone else rather than just yourself, cause, well, that’s a whole different kind of madness altogether. Aaanywayz, that friend/smart guy goes by the name of Robert Redd (and no, in case you’re wondering, no relation to Robert Redford, although now that I think about it I’ve never actually come out and asked him… hmmm.) But you can call him Bob. He said so himself.

In this first episode, which henceforth and evermore shall be known as “Hope in the Craziness”, we’re kicking off the series with a really rich discussion of topics, ranging from what do we even MEAN by “crazy” anymore to the difference between scanning vs. understanding, relative vs. relevant and who knows what other pertinent alliterations. I’m just telling you, it’s good stuff. And you should listen. After all, you’ve come this far.

In the coming weeks we’ll be tackling Hope as it relates to anger, sadness and weakness. I hope you’ll join us for all of them! (see what I did there?)

And here’s Bob! He looks smart, doesn’t he? I’m just sayin…

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