PODCAST- Making Beautiful Things with Holly Hayes & Sanctuary Project

GIRLS are precious⁠.
GIRLS are priceless⁠.
GIRLS are not for sale.

But… their jewelry is… and you can buy it via Sanctuary Project!

Shameless plug? Perhaps. But I am a-okay with it, because what we’re really plugging here is the mission of today’s podcast guest, Holly Hayes, and the organization she founded, called Sanctuary Project.

And what is this Sanctuary Project, you ask? And what’s her story? And what’s so special about this jewelry? You always ask such good questions. That’s why I like you.

Well, the best thing of course is to listen to the podcast and experience the joy of discovery.
You never know where these conversations will go. We might even talk about a goat named Jackie O. (Look at me. I’m rhyming!)

But there’s so much more, my Misfit Friend. So. Much. More.

You will love this conversation. I know I did.

Holly Hayes, founder of Sanctuary Project, employing human trafficking survivors who make beautiful things, (which, btw, you can buy, along with her biographical book “From Basement to Sanctuary”, at sanctuaryproject.com OR Target.com – 100% of your purchase goes towards their mission)
You can also find Holly here:
Facebook: @wearesanctuaryproject
Instagram: @sanctuary_project
Twitter: @hollychristinehayes

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