PODCAST- Rachel Dodge, and a Kindred Spirit Near You

It’s ALL ANNE ALL THE TIME as Rachel Dodge joins us for a delightful chat about , oh, all kinds of delightful things…

Thing like Kindred Spirits (but of course)… imagining how Anne would handle these crazy Covid lockdowns… speculating on an imaginary verbal smackdown with her imaginary literary nemesis, none other than Jane Austen’s Lizzie Bennett (it could happen)… aaaaand… the cool and absolutely true story of how this iconic tale by Lucy Maud Montgomery almost didn’t get published (can you even imagine such a world?).

Ah yes, and somehow in all this we managed to talk about Rachel’s chapter by chapter companion to the iconic Anne of Green Gables, in devotional form. That, too!
If you know the AOGG story, you’ll love the life lessons she gleans from it… and even if you’ve never read it, well then… you’ll still love it… PLUS, come on now, my Misfit Friend, time to get crackin and put that on your list.

But like I said. It’s all just plain Dee-lightful.

I think you will heartily agree.

Did you know Rachel’s also something of a Jane Austen etiquette expert? You think I’m making this up, don’t you? Well, then, Smarty Pants, you just go check out Racheldodge.com. You’ll see.
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And while you’re there, you might as well get yourself (or a few dozen friends) this delightful devotional. You know you want to!
Own Your Awkward
Love Your Fellow Misfit
Seek Beauty and Truth Everywhere

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