PODCAST- Justin Jones & a chat about Christians & fear & stuff

Life is short… on this side of eternity anyway.
It’s also beautiful. And kind of dangerous.
So the question is: how do we live in the tension between preserving life… and living it?

There I go, getting all deep on you right off the bat. Enough of this small talk!

But as long as we’re here in the deep end, we might as well stay over our heads a bit, cause that’s the perfect place to be for today’s podcast.

Our guest today is Pastor Justin Jones, from Eastern Hills Church in Buffalo, NY. You might recognize him, as he’s been around these parts almost as many times as Alec Baldwin has hosted SNL (and there’s where the comparison between him and Alec ends…) Aaanyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, Justin.

He’s back to talk about his recent experience in Zambia, Africa in light of Covid’s world-wide tour, and a blog post he wrote about his thoughts on danger, fear and what makes risks worth taking. That post (you can read it here) seems to have struck a world-wide nerve, cause it’s literally being shared by thousands upon thousands, and tens of thousands, all over the globe… so it only seemed right that we should sit down and have a little chat about it, cause you know, that’s what podcasters do.

Now, I’ll give the same disclaimer here I do up front in the podcast. None of you should be shocked by now that my worldview is decidedly Christian, and as such, I know such is the case with many of you. But not all of you (you open minded Misfits, you 🤓❤). And because of that I want to clarify that this discussion is decidedly targeted to the Christian community at large; not that the rest of ya’ll can’t listen in; in fact I hope you do! If nothing else, to find out if Justin would rather be in a 12 hour zoom meeting or binge watch ______________.

So there’s your teaser right there.


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