30 Days of Misfit: Day 29 Progressive Songwriting Post #3

And you thought I forgot… Silly Misfit. I didn’t forget, I just happen to be an excellent procrastinator, that’s all.

The truth is, I haven’t come up with any more lyrics since last I progressively posted. So in the interest of stalling for time, I can at least direct you here and here so you can catch up on where we are with the As Yet Unnamed Song.

Oh, and one more stall tactic… there’s still time for you to get in on a chance to win a fabulous Prize of Random Awesomeness by playing my Stupid Game… just saying.

Alright, enough stalling.

Here’s a bridge I’m working on. The operative phrase being working on, which as you know is code talk for I’m in no way committing to this as it very well may suck.

Bridge to As Yet Unnamed Song: And You’re graciously contending with my doubt and trepidation. And You’re lovingly confronting all my pride and indignation And I’m finding that I’m finally beginning to be living And You’re casting it away… Yeah Your Perfect Love it’s casting fear away

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