30 Days of Misfit: Day 17 -A thought on Suffering, & the progressive songwriting continues…

Ok, so I think I have a few new lines for the As Yet Unnamed Song, to throw out into the winds of the interwebs.

But before I do, I heard this wonderful quote just a little while ago, and if nothing else, I want to write it out here so I don’t forget it. It’s that good.

Ready? Here it is:

“Suffering is having something you don’t want. Or wanting something you don’t have.”

“Suffering is having something you don’t want. Or wanting something you don’t have.”

Elisabeth Eliot (… I think)

Apparently, Elisabeth Elliot said this. At least that’s what I just heard on an Eric Metaxas podcast interview with author (Ellen Vaughn), who wrote her biography, so I’ll take her word for it. Trust the experts, as they say. (by the way, you can check out that podcast here, and vet me, or just enjoy it, as you see fit).

I just think it’s a great quote. Not that I think suffering is great. Nope, suffering sucks. Can I get an amen?

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I mean, having what you don’t want? Who wants that? And wanting what you don’t have? Terrible. Just terrible. It’s the perfect, awful definition. And the beautiful part about it, is that it’s completely applicable to everyone’s custom designed, hand-crafted, personally curated set of insufferable circumstances. What constitutes suffering to me could be a day at The Cheesecake Factory for you, and vice versa (of course, w/ CF you might want it ALL, so there’s that kind of suffering, too). My point is, who am I to diss on your suffering? I don’t even know the half of it, I’m sure. And to me, that’s the point. On some level, we are all fighting a battle right now. We are all suffering. Maybe not on the same level… but there I go, comparing. Whatever it is we’re going through, it’s real to us. And it’s hard. And maybe we need a little more grace, patience, mercy, all that there. All at the same time. That’s the tricky part.

I should write more about that. Maybe next post?

In the mean time, I promised you more song lyrics, didn’t it?

Ok, thanks for your patience, and mercy, and grace (see what I did there?).

Here they are! (Oh, and if you haven’t yet read the post that started this, hereyougo!

I’ve been sheltering in place here for a while
Seeking comfort, seeking safety, dodging trials
And maybe fun is not the word that best describes
the pain I’ve been avoiding
the self I’ve been preserving
It’s fear that’s kept me hiding
and it’s time to come out,
Yeah, it’s time to come out.

Any lyrical inspiration or just plain nonlyrical thoughts you want to throw out there? I’d love to hear it/them. Remember, this is a work in progress… Just like us!

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