PODCAST: John Eldredge, helping us retrieve our lives, one pause at a time…

Maybe your life is just fine the way it is.

Maybe you’ve figured out a way to not get lost in all the noise, the nonsense, the clutter and chaos, the distractions and demands… in which case, why are we not reading YOUR book??? Huh?

(Seriously, if you’ve mastered any of this, we need to talk, call me).

But just in cast you could use some help with any of that, this here conversation is for you.
You’re going to love it. Like a breath of fresh air. From actual nature. Cause when you’re talking to John Eldredge, you know fresh air and nature is going to factor into the conversation somewhere. And it does, of course. But so much more. So, so much.

Listen here!

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The book’s just the tip of the iceberg. Seriously!
Oh yeah, and you can get the book here: https://www.christianbook.com/life-back-everyday-practices-world-gone/john-eldredge/9781400208661/pd/0208661

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2 thoughts on “PODCAST: John Eldredge, helping us retrieve our lives, one pause at a time…

  1. THIS, is wonderful. It’s what I need very much. Thank you Nancy and John!
    It’s worship, really. Forsaking all concerns, wants and needs and setting our eyes on Jesus. By looking for beauty- I find God. Lovely. Just lovely.

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  2. Thank you oh so much, boo4udo… if that IS your real name???
    It’s taken me nearly two months to reply, but there are some benefits to all of this pausing caused by quarantining after all ! #thankscorona


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