PODCAST- Sheri Rose Shepherd: Or as we like to call her, Auntie Rose

I invited Sheri Rose to talk about her new devotional, His Princess Every Day.

And we did.

Sort of.

Mostly, though, she shared a WHOLE lot of good old fashioned wisdom, Auntie Rose (cause that’s what she is to us now, she made it official and everything) style.

Which just makes you want to read her book all more, cause it, too, is full of wisdom. And full of encouragement. And who doesn’t need that?

It’s a bit of an extended conversation, but then again, that’s only cause there was so much wisdom sharing going on (mostly from her, with a WHOLE lot of “mmmHMMM, preach it” from me). But there’s seriously something here for you. And you. And yes, you there, shaking your head like the lovable skeptic you are (don’t ever change, we love that about you, just don’t become a cynic!) I really believe there’s something here to encourage you, if you’re here, which I think you are… and you’re willing to give a listen.

After all, we could all use an Auntie Rose in our lives.

Not the Auntie Rose you were expecting?
Oh, she’s more than just a pretty face. So much more.
Get her book, watch her coaching videos, listen to her podcast, and more… here.

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