Podcast- Tearing the Veil of Deception, with Rhonda Madge

Everyone loves vulnerability… as long as it’s the other guy being vulnerable.


But seriously, in this Insta age where a carefully crafted image is king, there is something inspiring about someone who breaks protocol and is actually honest about the parts of their life that don’t tend to show up on our newsfeeds.

Enter today’s VIM (that’s Very Important Misfit, in case you haven’t figured out my acronym glossary): Rhonda Madge.

We talk about her book Hindsight: Seeing Clearly Through the Veil of Deception.
I won’t give her story away here, cause, well, that would defeat the whole purpose of you listening. But I will tell you, she does, in fact inspire, with the story of her journey to become that “other guy”, and become vulnerable, in a culture where she was not sure how it would be received.

And she’s just plain fun to talk to, to boot!

So there you have it. All kinds of reasons to tune in.

So here you go. Listen away.

You can get her book, and check out all other things Rhonda at rhondamadge.com

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