And So This is Christmas…

Christmas Tree 2017

A Merry Misfit Christmas to you!

Ready or not.
Perfect or not.
Merry or not.

The Day is here.
Even if you didn’t get it all done.
Even if the family fun… took a turn for the dysfunctional.

Christmas is here.

And you know what?

All is well.

Emmanuel has come.
Even into your present reality.
Just like He did 2000 years ago.

It was not a Hallmark card, friends.
It was chaos.
And inconvenience.
And disappointment.
And not at all what anyone expected.
But He came nonetheless.

And still He comes.

So enjoy your imperfect holiday.
Even the mess.
Especially the mess.
Let Him come.
That’s the gift.
God with us.
In our mess.



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