PODCAST: Hungry? Literally or metaphorically, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson’s got you covered…

Devotions for the Hungry Heart

Come for Grandma Stone’s Butter Pecan Muffins.
Stay for the wit and wisdom of
Shellie Rushing Tomlinson, as we talk about her newly released devotional…  oh, and  did I mention she threw in a few recipes as well?
As in the whole Grandma Stone deal?
And that’s just the start.  This is what we call a BONUS, my friends.


I had such a good time talking to Shellie.  Maybe it’s her cool Louisiana (or is it Loosiana?) accent… but in any event, even though I resisted the urge to say “Ya’ll come back now”… I’m sayin it NOW.  Shellie, if you’re reading this:  YA’LL COME BACK NOW!  I’ll even throw in “Y’HEAR?”!!!

Besides, I promised I’d make those muffins and give a full report…
so we’ll at least have that to talk about.

Shellie Tomlinson
Check out Shellie’s website here:


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