B’bye 2017… and one more mini PODCAST to boot – and this time I’M the guest!


For a newbie blogger/podcaster type like me, it’s been a great year! And of course, I have YOU to thank. Yes, YOU over there in that cool new Christmas SWEATER (DON’T return it, it looks great on you)… And you with the phone in your hand… All of yous.

In just a few short months I’ve had the great privilege to talk with some pretty amazing people with amazing things to share.. from John Eldredge to Candace Payne, not to mention a whole slew (yes that’s right, I said slew) of other fascinating folks…

Then there’s been connecting with so many of you in this wonderful growing band of misfits…  I am truly grateful for your encouragement and follows, and for spreading the word far and wide. So far, our little tribe has pockets in 20 countries – What! Misfits all around the world! Oh, that makes me happy!

And then there’s all the random awesomeness… with more to come… let’s not forget that. 😊

Simply put, it’s been a FUN run! And we’re just getting started, my friends. Stay tuned for some TBA excitement coming SOON in the New Year. Cause it’s a-comin. Oh yes.

Until then, I leave you with this little number. It’s a podcast, actually, um, featuring… me! I know, weird, right?

But when you get a randomly awesome request from a rising podcasting star (shout out to you, Engel Jones!) to be a guest on his innovative podcast… well, you know how I feel about random awesomeness. So yeah, there you have it.

Here’s the link.


(You should check him out… He literally interviewed over 1200 people in less than 90 days!)

And in the meantime…

Enjoy the last day-ish of 2017.

Own your awkward.

Love your fellow misfit.

And all that jazz.

Let’s  do more of it in 2018!


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