PODCAST: The search for Stolen Jesus… with Jami Amerine

stolen jesus

Who stole Jesus?  That’s not very nice.  They should put Him back.
Or at least tell us how to find, or reclaim Him.

Now, I’m not talking about manger scenes… although this time of year is when we hear about such hijinks…  I’m talking about… well… I guess you can just listen in on my conversation with Jami Amerine, and find out!


Jami Amerine

Get her book (and check out her blog and other cool stuff) here: http://sacredgroundstickyfloors.com/

And… if you haven’t subscribed yet here yet… here’s your formal invitation!  I’ll even enter you in the next Random Drawing of Random Awesomess!  It’s becoming quite the thing around here…  In fact, if you get someone else to subscribe, that’ll get you entered, too (just let me know who I can credit to you!).

2 thoughts on “PODCAST: The search for Stolen Jesus… with Jami Amerine

  1. so, so soooo good. I’m really glad I tuned in today, and listened to the entirety. She is awesome, and once again, your guests are the mouthpiece of God for me. Love this blog.


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