And now… a wise word from a Guest Misfit

“It’s not only permissible to be who you are, it is your sacred duty”.

I wish I had come up with that little gem right there.  But alas, it wasn’t me.  It was, however, someone related to me.  So I’ll take partial credit.  I’m sure she won’t mind.

That “she” to whom I refer is my niece.  Her name is Liz.

Here she is!  With her dog Riley, who may or may not also try to take credit for her quote. 

She is a little (ok a lot) cooler than me, as evidenced by the fact that she doesn’t just have a blog, she has a full on VLOG.  It’s called Myopic Grace.  And she has some things to say that we need to hear.  Like the above quotable quote.

But that, my friends, is just the tip of the iceberg… which is why I wanted to share with you one of her vlogs that I only recently caught (even though she posted it a while back) – because it beautifully articulates our core values here on the Isle.  (which you can also find on our About Page, if you are curious!)

So here she is, articulating away.  Maybe you’ll decide you want to follow her?  Cause then maybe she’ll do more.  And that would be a Win/Win for all of us!



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