30 Days of Misfit: Day 20- Plugging Away & Living Brave

Two thirds of the way through this little experiment, folks. Who’da thunk we’d make it past the 1/3rd mark?

Not me, that’s for sure. Yet here we are, plugging away. Persevering, even. Yay for us!


Well we’re not done yet, and if my math is right, that still leaves us with a third to go (& as my husband, who’s much better at math than me, likes to say, “a broken clock is right twice a day; so there’s that).

Which brings us to today’s thought. It’s actually a guest thought, from a previous guest blogger/vlogger here on the Isle, Liz Curry, a wonderful writer, deep thinker and brave warrior, who also happens to be my niece. (You can read/watch her previous deep thinking guest post here). She posted a short thought on Instagram about what a lot of people are dealing with these crazy days of imposed isolation. And I liked her short thought so much, I asked her to share it here.

She didn’t title it, so I’m going to take yet another Misfit Liberty and call it:

Live Brave

by Liz Curry

‘We don’t talk often enough about how brave it is to live.’

It’s National Suicide Awareness/Prevention month, and honestly I’m not sure why only one month out of twelve has been dedicated to it. I wish we talked about mental health and self harm more with our friends and family. I wish churches talked about it. Thoughts about self harm and suicide are scary and isolating and paralyzing, and people need to know there is hope in life.

Don’t worry, I’m not saying this because I’m a danger to myself, but rather because I’ve been there. And if you’re there now, you need to know that when you’re in the grip of those thoughts, getting out of bed and living your life is brave. Talking about it is brave. Giving up causing external pain to yourself in order to face your internal pain is so incredibly BRAVE.

You are not worthless. Your life is not a waste. You are loved and valued more than you can imagine.

If you are going through something, Let’s get coffee or take a nature walk. Making the choice to reach out to someone is the first brave step. 💚


Now, I’m going to take yet another Misfit Liberty (all these liberties, who do I think I am!) and extend that DM offer… at least to me, if not to her via me. We may or may not be able to do actual coffee or nature walks, but I hear Virtual Coffee is all the rage these days. Even a Virtual hike! Why not?

The point is, reach out. To someone. Yeah, it’s scary. I know. But do it scared. That’s what it means to be brave, after all. Being afraid, and doing it anyway.

Live. Brave.


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