Winner, Winner! That is, of the random drawing of RANDOM AWESOMENESS :^)

Prize for Nov
(Computer monitor not included… maybe as the budget increases)


Congratulations to Maureen LoPresto, the random winner of October’s  new subscribers’ random drawing of random awesomeness!

Tell her what she’s won, Johnny!  Or, you can just take a look at the picture.
Everything INSIDE the orange basket of randomness is YOURS for keeps!

So here’s the good news for the rest of you- it’s a brand new month, so that means a BRAND NEW CONTEST, with a chance to win your own Basket of Random Awesomeness – just in time for holiday re-gifting (it’s ok, there’s no judgment here).

I’m gonna make this one reeeeally good, too.  (not that yours stinks, Maureen, please don’t be angry).  We’re talking gift card good.  That’s all I’m sayin. *

“So how do I get in on this action”, you ask?  Easy.  Just help me spread the word!

Here’s how it’ll work:  For every NEW subscriber you send my way throughout the rest of November, you’ll BOTH be entered to win (so you’ll have to contact me and let me know which ones I should credit to you) –
Or…  if I see you’ve shared or retweeted something from the Isle of Misifts Facebook page or my Twitter (nancycarm is my Twitter handle, by the way)- I’ll count those, too!

So I’m just sayin… the sky’s the limit here, folks.

Is it shameless pandering?  Perhaps.  But more than that, I really do believe the message we have here, of growing into our beautiful, awkward selves needs to be shared, and I want to build this community to encourage each other.  And I totally want to show my appreciation for your part in it.

And, I’ll tell you what… just for helping me out… I will send you your very own personalized haiku.  I bet you never had your own haiku before.  I’d love to change that for you, friend.

So yeah, there you go.  Game on!



*Due to the fact that I don’t have a bazillion dollars, I will only be able to mail the prize within the continental United States… maybe Canada.  We’ll play that by ear.  But you still get your own haiku.  So there’s that.

3 thoughts on “Winner, Winner! That is, of the random drawing of RANDOM AWESOMENESS :^)

  1. yay, Maureen! Woot, woot!

    So yeah, totally going to keep sharing. (You should try rafflecopter to help you keep track of all those entries.)


  2. I’m so excited…I think I like it!!! (queue music) Let’s all get excited and send this
    blog to all our square peg friends (which, face it, is most of them!!)


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