PODCAST! Braving Sorrow… with Ashleigh Slater

braving slorrow together

I know what you’re thinking.  “Yay!  A podcast about sorrow! Sign me up!”
… as you run for the hills.

I know this because thus is my nature.  Can’t we talk about just the happy stuff? Like, all the time?  You know, like the obscenely happy blue haired character in Inside Out?

Interestingly, it didn’t even really occur to me until this very moment, the pendulum swing from last week’s to this week’s podcast topics.

Last week it was joy.  Again, who doesn’t like that?  I’m a BIG fan of it myself. HUGE.

But this week it would seem the pendulum’s a-swingin in the opp-o-site DI-rection… and it’s all about, well, not joy, that’s for sure.  It’s, yeah… well, there’s no other way round it.  It’s about facing loss.

Ashleigh Slater provides some honest, no-trite answers-allowed,  encouragement in her book “Braving Sorrow Together “.

“Oooh, how can I get in on that?!”  Said nobody ever.

And yet… it’s unavoidable.  Sooner or later it will find us.  And when it does, it’s a very hard thing indeed. You don’t need me to tell you this. But one of the reasons it is so hard is because life is so good.  And sorrow is about saying goodbye to some of that goodness.

… weeping may last through the night…
Psalm 30:5

No fun.  No fun at all.  

But if it’s unavoidable, then we should probably find a way to not avoid talking about it, right? Maybe, just maybe that could help us actually deal with it in a healthy way.

So, ok, while it’s true we’re not gettin all crazy with the laugh fest this week… I have a feeling there’s more than a few out there in Misfit Land who need to know it’s ok if you don’t feel like laughing for a while.

This podcast is for you.

…but rejoicing comes in the morning.
Psalm 30:5


You can get Ashleigh’s book here:  http://ashleighslater.com/

Oh, and don’t forget, for every new subscriber, referral or share on facebook throughout the rest of November, you will be entered to win this book, and a bunch of other great stuff in the next Random Drawing of Random Awesomeness!

Let me know what you think of today’s podcast in the comments section.  :^)

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