PODCAST- Stasi Eldredge: The Pressure’s OFF (oh, and it’s our 100th episode!)

Who’da thunk we’d make it this far?
100 whole episodes, now that is cause to pause and celebrate!

And speaking of celebrations, we are doing so in style with none other than Stasi Eldredge. You know, NY Times bestselling author/speaker/podcaster and co-leader at Wild at Heart Ministries? THAT Stasi Eldredge. What’s even more amazing than having her as a guest is the fact that she’s a RETURN guest. I know. Some things can’t be explained; they must be simply appreciated.

Stasi joins us to help kick off the Advent season, and aside from a riveting Stupid Game: Christmas Edition, she offers some very helpful and practical insights on how she is entering into the holidays with an actual plan to not give into the madness. It’s good, good stuff, I tell you.

So grab your Misfit Mug (and if you don’t have one yet, any old mug will do, the awkwarder the better… or you can get your own official one here!), sit back, relax and enjoy!

And speaking of Pauses (one of those helpful and practical things mentioned above), you should definitely check THAT out! https://www.pauseapp.com/

Oh, and check out this LIVE EVENT, Beholding the King, coming up November 30th, put on by Stasi and Wild at Heart:

And last but not least, you definitely want to check out the Captivated Podcast. Cause it’s good.
Real good!

Oh yeah… almost forgot, we have new theme music! If you want to check that out, you can do it here!


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