Longing to belong? This podcast is for you!

This picture will make complete sense once you’ve listened to the podcast. I promise.

Blessed are the Misfits, for they shall findeth their place-eth of belonging.

That’s actually not in the Bible, btw, just in case you were wondering, so don’t report me to the Pharisees (drop. your. stone)… but I do believe a case could be made for the overall biblical veracity of the statement.

We are nothing around here, if not about belonging. As in, our longing to belong. Just about every podcast and blogpost we do hits on it in one way or another… but today we’re gonna hit it head on.

What do you do when you feel like maybe you don’t belong… or you’re feeling disconnected? Maybe even like you don’t matter?

Well, I don’t have all the answers. That’s above my paygrade. But I do have a few thoughts. Encouraging ones, even. And what kind of Mayor of Misfitville would I be if I didn’t freely share what I’ve been freely given?

So that’s what I want to do today. It’s short (only about 10 minutes). It’s sweet. And it’s oh-so-powerful. And I wanted to pass on the power… to you!

Oh, and here’s a link to a study I cited in the podcast…
just so you know I didn’t make it up!

Oh #2! I forgot, I also mentioned in the podcast that I’d throw in a link to a little story I once wrote about, right here, on this very blog!

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