A Valentine’s Message, to all you train wrecks out there.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re knee deep in chocolates and overpriced roses or you’re too hip to be cliche… this special greeting is just for you.

Because Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be reserved only for those annoyingly-in-love couples (you know who you are, and we forgive you – but just for today) or greeting card execs. In fact, I’ll take it a step farther and say it’s not just for the Galentines either. Not that I have anything against Gals and/or Tines… I’m just trying to broaden the net here.

Valentine’s Day is for EVERYONE. You, and you, and even you back there with your skeptical eyes.

The fact is, everyone deserves to know that they’re lovable. Because you are, you know. And not because you’re perfect. Cause you’re not. But of course you already knew that. And that’s actually good news. (Feeling the love yet?) Now here’s the really good news. Not only are you not perfect, you’re actually a bit of a trainwreck, to be honest. In a delightfully quirky way, of course. But even more than that, in a hopeless, you can’t fix yourself-hard-as-you-may-try, kind of way.

And that’s GREAT NEWS!

How so, you ask? And also, you are ready to punch me, I know. I can sense these things. But before you let your virtual fists fly, hear me out.

The reason I can say with absolute conviction that you are utterly lovable has nothing to do with your lovability whatsoever. But it has everything to do with your mere existence. Now this might get a little controversial, but heck, we’ve come this far, so might as well just go for broke. You ready for this? Cause it might come as a shock, but…You did not create yourself. And though your parents deserve a fair amount of credit for their role in the process, they, too did not create you… at least not in the sense of out of nothing… And maybe you don’t even believe in a Creator, I get it. But that’s ok, because apparently He believes in you, enough to have spoken the essence of your being into existence.

And here’s the really weird and utterly wonderful thing. Your Creator loves you. As in, really, really LOVES you. I mean, think about this. No one, but no one knows you like the One who created you. All your stories. All your triumphs. All your tragedies. Even the cringy stuff you don’t want anyone, including yourself, to know about.
Not your bestie. Not your bae. And certainly not your boss. Nope. But not only does this Creator know all about it… the stunning fact is that all of this incriminating knowledge, can’t keep TRUE LOVE at bay. Sorry, you’re stuck with being outrageously, unreasonably and quite honestly stupifyingly L-O-V-E-D. So much so that all of this cringiness of which we speak, all the train wrecknesss, the messinesss, the hopeless lostness that we can do nothing about to fix in our own humanity… He did it for us.

You probably have figured out we’re talking about Jesus here, more specifically, the Gospel. Maybe you’ve never heard the Gospel story before. Or maybe you’ve heard it a million times… but maybe you need to hear it again, maybe?

Or maybe you’re the artsy type, and like it in musical form. Ok, here you go:

Maybe you don’t feel it. A lot of people don’t. There’s lots of reasons for that, and I don’t know what yours are… but I do know this. If there’s even a remote part of you that wants to know this unreasonable love… maybe it’s time to ask. Not me, silly. Your Creator. He likes to be asked. In fact, it’s the only thing we can do. He did all the rest.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29: 13

So Happy Valentines Day, from one train wreck… to another!

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