PODCAST: Eryn Eddy thinks you are So Worth Loving. Yes. You!


Happy New-ish Year! Yeah, I know, we’re a month in… but since this is the first official Misfit Podcast of 2021, I’m ok with the idea of milking a fresh start as long as possible.

And this fun and depth-filled conversation with social entrepreneur, story teller and creative director Eryn Eddy, might I say, is an EXCELLENT way to do just that, and start your New-ish Year off right. Cause it’s about you. I know you think I’m kidding, but just because I’m the Chief Misfit Officer of this here territory doesn’t mean I can’t be dead serious. Cause it really is about you. And why you think what you think about you. And why maybe you should think a little higher. But not in that “get a trophy just for participating cause you’re awesome” kind of way. No, it’s so much better than that.

It’s about facing who you really are… which most of us really don’t want to do… cause it’s kind of scary… but… so worth it… because, as per the title of her book, so are you.

Still don’t believe it? Well then, just listen for yourself, and prove her wrong. I Misfit Dare you!

Eryn is also is something of a Shania Twain Karaoke Queen, which she proves to the world in our conversation. I’m just saying. And there’s so, so much more you’ll want to know about her, which you can find out, along with how to get her book So Worth Loving, here: http://eryneddy.com

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