Misfit Monday: What the World Needs Now

I think we can all agree, the one thing that brings us all together in these troubled times is the debt of gratitude we all owe to this man.

“Who the heck is he, and why should I be grateful?” you say?
Oh, you know him.
Or I should say, you know his work.
Or I should say, the endlessly wonderful co-opting of his work.
And you are grateful unto him. Oh, so grateful.
As am I.

Because he’s the guy who did this:

former presidential candidate, senator bernie sanders d vermont sits in the bleachers on capitol hill before joe biden is sworn in as the 46th us president on january 20, 2021, at the us capitol in washington, dc photo by brendan smialowski  afp photo by brendan smialowskiafp via getty images

Without even trying, he brought a nation together, if only for a fleeting moment.
And that, my Misfit Friends, is worth a shout out.

As such, the following is a collection of my personal faves, and the entirety of this post, because this beautiful moment of serendipitous unity, however fleeting, is something that surely speaks for itself, and is to be marveled at, cherished and celebrated with as little superfluity as possible, except to say…


And a few amazing videos to boot!

The Holderness family is an HYSTERICAL treasure trove within itself. You are welcome.

Oh, and I almost forgot! You can put Bernie ANYWHERE by clicking here:


2 thoughts on “Misfit Monday: What the World Needs Now

  1. A great collection! The Bob Ross is my personal favorite, but there are so many good ones. That video from Ghost was so cringey and also made me belly laugh 😅 Thank you Brian Smialowski. And thank you Nancy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Danielle- and of course, you are quite welcome! Like the rest of the world, I’m finding myself a bit obsessed with them… so I may just keep adding more as I find them… cause, why not??? 😁


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