PODCAST- Robin Steele and the WHOLE Story

Robin Steele joins us to dazzle the Misfits with his knowledge of the Beverly Hillbillies… Oh yes, and also to share his amazing story about his amazing, daughter, Kennady, who despite facing severe physical challenges, has never faked her million dollar smile in her entire miraculous life…

It’s such a great conversation, full of insight about things like embracing beauty in the unexpected, even difficult, and redefining our sometimes shallow notions of what constitutes “meaningful” work, even a meaningful life. How do I get these great guests, anyway?

Seriously, you want to get to know Robin. Especially if you could use some encouragement in the “life is what happens when you’re making other plans” dept.

You can visit Pastor Robin here.
(oh yeah, did I mention he’s the Pastor of PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TEXAS? Now you know!)
As if you needed any more convincing about this wonderful book… this trailer is worth it for that million dollar Kennady smile alone…

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