31 Scary Thoughts for Halloween.

You want scary? Oh, I’ll give you scary.

In honor of Halloween, and because I’m thoroughly sick of any talk that smacks of the “New Normal”, I give you, dear Misfits:

31 of the Scariest Things I Think Anyone Can Do, REGARDLESS OF HOW WEIRD THE WORLD GETS:

1. Show up. Especially when it would be easier to give up.

2. Stand up. Especially when it’s easier to sit it out.

3. Grow up. Especially when you’d rather just be an immature little baby.

4. Rest up. Especially when you think resting is only for the weak.

5. Speak up. Especially when you feel like you have something worth saying.

6. Shut up. Especially when you feel like you need to be the only one talking.

7. Listen up. Especially when it’s something you need to hear.

8. Keep up. Especially when you feel like giving up on something important.

9. Check up… on people. Especially when you think, “oh, someone else will”.

10. Look up. Especially when you’re tempted to look down.

11. Let go. Especially when you know you’ve been holding too tightly.

12. Show kindness. Especially to someone who’s acting a little (or a lot) jerky.

13. Live generously. Especially when you’re tempted to keep all the good things to yourself.

14. Admit you’re wrong. Especially when you are.

15. Look for beauty. Especially when it looks like there’s only ugliness all around.

16. Be humble. Especially when you are feeling rather prideful.

17. Be teachable. Especially when you think you know it all.

18. Do the thing you’ve been putting off. Especially because you don’t feel like it.

19. Fail in front of others. Especially when you’re afraid of them judging you.

20. Think for yourself. Especially when the world is trying to tell you what to think.

21. Do something nice for someone. Especially when you won’t get any credit.

22. Be courageous. Especially when you’re feeling like a scaredy cat.

23. Be who you are. Especially when you feel pressured to be someone else.

24. Become who you are meant to be. Especially when you know God has more for you.

25. Call your mom/dad/whoever you take for granted. Especially when you’re too “busy”.

26. Check in. Especially when you’d rather just check out.

27. Pursue “lost sheep”. Especially because you’d want someone to pursue you.

28. Pursue wisdom. Especially when it’s so much easier to just be an idiot.

29. Ask for help. Especially when you need it.

30. Serve others. Especially when you think you should be the one served.

31. Make a difference. Especially when you think “what difference does it make?”

Be brave, my friends.

You got this.

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