PODCAST- Hanging out WITH Allen Arnold, just like a Bohemian

Chances are, if you’re here (and you are here, right?) there’s something that’s drawn you to our little Oasis for the Offbeat. Perhaps you even identify as, or at least resonate with this whole Misfit Persona.

But the real question is… do you consider yourself a Bohemian? And if so, what kind of Bohemian are you, really?

And while we’re asking all these deep questions, here’s another one: What’s the difference between expectation and expectancy?

You’ll want to listen in on this conversation with Ransomed Heart’s Allen Arnold to find out. It’s not only fun and whimsical and deeply insightful, it’s a game changer. Maybe even a life changer.

You think I’m kidding?

Oh, just you wait.

Once you listen, I’m pretty sure. you’ll want to know more about Allen, and get his book, The Story of With.
Here’s where you can do that:
You’re welcome.

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