Beauty and Truth in the Grey Matters

I am at a retreat as I write these words. Specifically, sitting on a sturdy porch rocker, on a hand hewn-looking log porch, overlooking rows of Aspen and evergreen in the foreground, and a surreal panorama of the Rocky Mountains in the distance, all snow capped and shrouded in yet more layers and layers of wispy and stringy and puffy and billowy technicolor grey clouds, with the faintest patches of blue sky peeking out here and there…

…and that’s about as good as it gets for my word artistry, folks. Best to leave that kind of thing to the trained professionals.

Seriously though, I didn’t know the color grey could be so dramatic, and so varied. Palest of pale grey, blue grey, slate grey, steel grey – there must be 50 shades of… nope, not going there. Why’d that stupid movie have to ruin a good grey analogy???

But I digress.

The point is, it’s beautiful. In an in-your-face, YOU’RE IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS obtusely obvious way, yes… But also in a surprising way.

All that grey. Who knew that something so otherwise relegated to the “bleh” file could be so breathtaking? So full of wonderment? Reminding me that sunshiny azure skies, for all that I crave them, aren’t the only gateway to joy.

I mean to tell you, this whole scenario… There’s something familiar to it… something reminiscent of, oh, I don’t know, this whole business of finding beauty and truth everywhere?

Where have I heard this before?

Where, indeed.

So let me back up a minute. Back to the retreat.

I’m here with a few dozen ladies at the moment, who are preparing the way for a few hundred ladies, from hither and yon, across these United States and beyond, to come for a few days and get a taste of beauty and truth, and freedom, and healing, and stuff like that there.

Right up my Misfit Alley.

So I’m thinking this has been a good start so far.

I’ll keep you informed… But for now, here’re a few pictures of my view!

2 thoughts on “Beauty and Truth in the Grey Matters

  1. Remind me of the beautiful retreat we had not long ago. How I wish we had more opportunities to talk more about the retreat.


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