PODCAST- Justin Jones, Sherrill Auker & a little thing they like to call “Seed Life”

^They say life on the farm is kinda laid back…


Not that this has anything to do with the interview. But hey, John Denver. How can you go wrong?

Ok, where were we?

Oh yeah. podcast.

Meet Justin & Sherrill.

He’s the Spiritual Formation Pastor at Eastern Hills Church in Buffalo, NY and she’s the Sustain Division (agricultural) Director of Overland Missions. So what do you get when you cross a Pastor and a Farmer? What else? A book about farming and evangelism, of course. Oh, and you think you know all about it, right, from all the parables? Yeah, I know how you are… Well, think again, my Farm Loving Misfit Friend… cause they’re here to learnya a thang or two. Thangs like vermacomposting, for starters. Do you even know what that is? See what I mean? I think you need to listen… there’s something here for everyone!


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