PODCAST- Love and sandpaper and stuff… with Karen Ehman

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ah, love. It’s a many splendored thing. Makes the world go round… I’ve even heard it’s soft as an easy chair, and fresh as the morning air… Yeah, yeah. All that there.

It’s also hard. Really HARD. Especially when you’re loving someone that’s well, SO unlike you, Why can’t they be more like you? Well, my Misfit friend, I can’t answer that question for you today… but fear not, help is here!
In the form of a very, dare I say helpful (yes, I dare) chat with Karen Ehman. She’s one of them there New York Times Bestsellers, so you know what that means. She knows what she’s talking about. And today, on this day dedicated to all things LOOOOOVE, we’re talking about how to stay crazy in love when your love drives you crazy.

You know you want to hear more, right?
I thought so.

Ok, here you go:


Pre-order Keep Showing Up at karenehman.com and you’ll get all kinds of cool bonuses! Not a bad Valentine idea… Or post Valentine… Or engagement gift… or anniversary… you get the idea

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You know you want this…

4 thoughts on “PODCAST- Love and sandpaper and stuff… with Karen Ehman

  1. So glad I listened to your interview with Karen Ehman this morning Nancy! I’m thinking of making sandpaper valentines for next year! I love and agree with Karen’s humorous assessment of baggage that we bring into our relationships.
    Great broadcast!

    Liked by 1 person

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